Main site and Forum share account-data

Today we enabled SSO for the forum, meaning that anyone who already has an account at now doesnt need to add an extra forums account, but can login with same username and password. Further, older accounts that were seperate before should be matched and marged, so older seperate forums accounts should still work and Read more >


Sources and Licenses

Starting this month, products eligible to participate in receiving plings are required to do so under a valid libre license. Further some product categories ask the contributor to point to an online source(-code) repository of that exact product uploaded. The reason for that is not to just providing the source-code within the file archive itself, Read more >


Spam-Accounts and fairer Ratings

After a few weeks of recognizing an increasing trend of fraud Ratings, we decided to introduce a new rating mechansism to prevent easy manipulation of ratings via multiple (spam-)accounts for some products. The new mechanism is simple: People who care enough about the platform and its content provided by the many creators to become Supporters/Backers, Read more >


Introducing “Plings”

On May 1st we started our beta testphase to compensate creators for their contributions on a voluntary base. After 5 months of testing, we feel confident to introduce it publicly to anyone contributing to the Opendesktop platform to keep it growing for the benefit of everyone who enjoys OpenSource and Free/Libre Software and Content.   Read more >


Opendesktop App released

The official Opendesktop App has been released and is available for download here: Opendesktop App allows you to “Install” and “Manage” any items downloaded under “My Collection”. Starting with wallpapers, it is also possibly to directly “Apply” an item from within the App, so a picture is then set as current background under most Read more >


Introducing OCS-URL

The OCS-URL utility works under most Linux Desktop Environments and allows for easy 1-click installation directly from any associated site. You can find the project page with download and instructions here: