Sources and Licenses

Starting this month, products eligible to participate in receiving plings are required to do so under a valid libre license.
Further some product categories ask the contributor to point to an online source(-code) repository of that exact product uploaded.
The reason for that is not to just providing the source-code within the file archive itself, but to do so using a version control system like git or svn that allows for easy collaboration and of the transparent updates.

We will from time to time check licenses and source links provided and disable any product or user from receiving plings where this is not properly set or in a misleading way (e.g. chosing a libre license for proprietary products, or changing the license for a derivate product compared to the original).

These two checks have the goal to encourage original contributions and for derivates to follow within the spirit of the original licenses.

Any feedback or comments how to further advance the cause of freely developed software and artwork are very much welcome.


OpenDesktop Team