Opendesktop now with Matrix/Riot Chat as libre service

Tired of providing your phone number and getting spam that matches your last conversation topics?

As of today, any user can use Matrix, a 100% libre and decentralized messenging server.

After Discourse and Gitlab, this is our third libre 3-rd party service application.

To easily use it, you find a new icon called “Chat” with Riot logo under the main menu (the menu with the dots) when logged in:

This brings you to the main Riot page, also reachable under .

You log in with your normal Opendesktop ID (username and password):

After that you should see our public Channel or use this link to connect directly:

Mobile Apps

There are also Android and IPhone versions of Riot and Matrix, so to login via those, just point the server to:

Decentralized Service

This service is run on our own servers.

Being 100% OpenSource, Matrix allows anyone to set up their own decentralized instance and still share the connection base with all other Matrix servers of the network.

So you can even connect and chat from your own instance with anyone here, should you prefer to do so.

Your identification for any other Matrix user to reach you here are:

Happy conversations around the Matrix world!


OpenDesktop Team