Introducing Monthly Payouts

On May 1st we started our beta testphase to compensate creators for their contributions on a voluntary base.

After 5 months of testing, we feel confident to roll it out publicly to anyone contributing to the Opendesktop to keep the platform growing for the benefit of everyone who enjoys OpenSource and Free/Libre Software and Content.


How does the payout work?

Contributors to any part of the Opendesktop platform get a small amount of money each time their contribution/product is downloaded.

Also each product category is valued by a so-called “Pling-Factor”.
Here is the current Pling Factor overview :
For the start, each category has a value of “1”.

The payout system then converts download-clicks into a monetary value based on the following terms:

Payout of a product = Number of Downloads * 0.01 US-Dollar (1 $-cent) * Pling-Factor

Based on the actual amount of content and downloads, we may adjust these values at any time, even during a month.


How does the Payout work?

The user is paid out every month.

Payouts are voluntary and we reserve the right to cancel any single product or payout or all payouts without any reason.

In order to receive your payout, you need to provide a valid PayPal option under your OpenDesktop account settings.
We are currently evaluating using Bitcoin or other forms of crypto-currencies as a payout method in the future.

We hope this form of compensation values those who put time and effort into creating free and open source software and content and therefore leads to an increase of quality and sustainability to do so in the future.

If you have any questions or ideas regarding plings, please leave a comment or join our forums.

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