– An overview site part of for all Creatives

Looking at the past months, things turn out to be quite successfull regarding the growth of the platform.

It is therefore our motivation to continue our goal to offer an easy compensation model for creators and supporters alike.

To be able to do this best, we like to introduce a new overview site:

While exists now for over 15 years as the “master site” that gave a combined view on all of,, etc., we decided to add a new site that acts as the main overview site, that is all of the Linux/Unix categories plus new ones like Comics or Phones.

But don’t worry: remains here to stay for all things related to the Linux desktop, Apps and Themes, as do all subsites under “Store Listings”.

Just instead of putting more and more Categories on that don’t fit the Linux desktop, on we simply expand the possibilities for more libre things like Artwork, Cliparts, Phones or Multimedia content that is released under a Copyleft or CC license.

We will add more categories like books or audio files in the near future, that allow other creatives to try and see how this model works.

On the donation side, we now offer monthly subscriptions for those who want to test being a supporter out or like to have a more finegrained control over time.

Since the original entry level tier of $15 was almost exactly 99 cents per month (incl. taxes and payment provider fees), it has become our tier-1 level.

Any donation helps support the demand and match the compensation provided by this platform.

It may not be that much or even enough at this point, but it’s a start and if all indicators show this correct, there lies some great potential.

We therefore thank all of the subscribers so far, it is really encouraging to see people acknowledge the value they find on this platform via a donation!

And thanks to all the creators who show how powerful and surprisingly good the libre way of doing things can be!

It is our continued mission to bring both sides together and keep creating something great.


OpenDesktop Team