Improving Quality: Licenses part II and Misuse Report

With the possibility to display the license under which item is released, there is now a link in the sidebar of each product called “Report Misuse”.

When clicked, it allows registered users to report products who look like they do not have a proper license or the license is conflicting with the product on display.

Anyone clicking that link should state an exact reason why that product is believed to be mis-using or what it is that is mis-represented, so we can check for validity of the claim.

This helps us spot and identify issues with certain products and may result in the product either be deleted or suspended from receiving any plings.

If we find that certain users misuse the openess of the platform with providing an overwhelming majority of such products, we may decide to suspend or delete ALL products of a user to further prevent participating from any compensation or useage of the platform under that account.

If we find the account mitigates or erases the problems, the suspension could be lifted again in the future.

These measurements are to help find and reduce current mis-using accounts / content and to reduce further uploads of such non-suitable content to encourage original content creators to participate without worry about being burried by continous spam.

As always let us know your ideas and feedback in the comments or the forum.

The Opendesktop Team.


OpenDesktop Team


3 thoughts on “Improving Quality: Licenses part II and Misuse Report

  1. does it include uploading themes with a license that doesn’t respect the original one?

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