Spam-Accounts and fairer Ratings

After a few weeks of recognizing an increasing trend of fraud Ratings, we decided to introduce a new rating mechansism to prevent easy manipulation of ratings via multiple (spam-)accounts for some products.

The new mechanism is simple:

People who care enough about the platform and its content provided by the many creators to become Supporters/Backers, also very likely have an incentive to cast real ratings in up- or down-voting a product.

So to negate for example two real votings in the direction up or down, another user now can’t easily create as many accounts for free as he wants, but would need to create two real Supporter Accounts. In case a hundred real votes get cast, it becomes increasingly difficult to counter those for a single user via multiple real supporting accounts.

Becoming a Supporter does not grant an invokable right to Rate a product though:

If we find a collusional account, we may remove some or all of those votes or even cancel the right to vote for the account in question, while still acknowledging its supporter status.

Everyone can of course continue to use the platform absolutely free of charge and also express their personal opinion in the comments and favorites via the LIKE “heart”-button that now exists above the score.

Let us know your opinion in the comments or the forum.
We appreciate any feedback and suggestions in our effort to keep the platform free while also providing something back in form of plings for all the creators.

The Opendesktop Team



  • Charlie Henson


  • Heimen Stoffels

    Very good solution! But it would’ve been nice if you had informed everyone beforehand about this change by means of an e-mail or something.

  • varlesh

    Big thx for support :)

  • LinuxAddicted

    thats great, however to make it fair you should reset all votes